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Cic is the first group - d card currency operations center is launched

2015/7/11 9:55:00
 Based on the virtual currency market demand and future development trend of the research group strategic development committee, d card currency operations center on July 10, 2015 officially launched. Online early, in-depth for the future development trend of the product:
One, the understanding of the concept of virtual currency
(a) based on entity of virtual currency
Since the ancient times, all made of paper "currency" is called paper money, contemporary countries around the world are actually notes. In the era of Marx, notes just metal currency symbol, and the actual value of the bill is equal to the nominal value, when the nominal value is greater than the actual value, metal currency price index will increase by paper money too much, when beyond a certain limit, the inflation. Marx will these no gold as a guarantee of the bank note is called virtual currency. The Keynesian era, is the symbol of GDP, a bill he defined by offset finance deficit deficit paper currency issuance of currency, and that the issue of paper deficit currency to a certain extent, can promote the development of production, and to have only half of inflation. Zhang Chunjia in an introduction to virtual currency in the study also proved that neither precious metals nor GDP guarantee of paper money put in will lead to rising prices, and the currency called virtual currency.
(2) based on virtual virtual currency
Virtual currency is a network of social and economic development to a certain stage of a new currency, the safety and convenience in order to meet user needs, it represents the development direction of future monetary form. It produces on the Internet, and fully or partially in the network society serves as a universal equivalent, virtual currency is a kind of real money, has the basic attributes of currency, but it is virtual, relies on the network virtual environment. Virtual currency born without borders, make its worldwide more than traditional monetary liquidity. Correspond to the virtual world and real world, through the virtual currency and the traditional currency exchange relations, under certain conditions, a specific virtual money can buy a physical commodity, traditional money can buy a specific virtual goods.
Second, the characteristics of virtual currency
1. The value, the user consumption operators to provide products and services for the utility value, by providing virtual currency exchange to meet the consumer the utility and value, the number of virtual currency measure the value of general merchandise. Nature of the issue of virtual currency is issued credit, is the holder of right of the issuer. Within a certain range, the value of the creditor's rights have claims.
2. The virtual environment dependencies, the existence of the virtual currency virtual economic environment provided by the publisher and distributor's continued operation the premise, otherwise it doesn't make any sense to virtual currency,
3. Myopia monetary, monetary value form as the highest value in the process of Commodity Exchange can be considered to be of real significance on the currency. Virtual currency because of its limited flow range, all cannot serve as a universal equivalent of commodity; But its within a certain range, with monetary value scale, distribution methods and other functions. So, can think virtual currency approximate form of monetary value, is a primary form of money, with approximate monetary.
4. The macro-control, virtual currency issuance and circulation are confined to limited scope, but through monetary multiplier effect, amplifying the money supply, affecting the difficulty of the macroeconomic regulation and control and accuracy. Virtual currency issuers should be its circulation and circulation index to the central bank, and is subject to the uniform management for the bank at any time
5. Need to regulation, currency issued by the central bank, and by the central bank through monetary policy in macroeconomic regulation and control. And virtual currency, non-financial subject issued by the financial system, its purpose is to obtain business opportunities and competitive advantage, is a kind of market behavior, will inevitably lead to competition between issuers. All this competition produces the ACTS of unfair competition or through rent-seeking access to competitive advantage, that determines the need to regulate the subject according to the laws and regulations to the market behavior of market main body management specification.
6. Virtual property, virtual currency as a kind of approximate currency, if only exists in the virtual world and can buy the virtual property, and is characterized by virtual existence; If linked to national currencies, can exist in the real world and buy real assets, show the national currencies of virtual objects. Virtual currency is actually a bunch of a data file that exists in the computer system, only after issuers to explain the system has the meaning of the virtual currency, thus, the form of the virtual currency is virtual.
7. Application limitations, in general, virtual currency can buy to provide products and services to the issuer, can also be alliance with outside its scope of issuers, according to certain ratio to exchange to buy union product. Outside the union product, virtual currency will not have any value; Similarly, when the virtual currency is only authorized to buy different products in different sales cycle, the use of virtual currency with time and limited scope of application, and not like a sovereign currency can be completely free exchange.
8. Separability, virtual currency has no physical form, is the digital storage information, different from the traditional paper money need to consider the standard currency and COINS and various kinds of currency circulation rate balance, it can be split. Diablo currency, for example, although only 2300 total, but each bitcoins can break up to ten eight directions.
9. And because of the correlation between the real economy, although the virtual currency exists in the virtual world, but the process of new technology revolution, has the virtual world is closely combined with the reality, the virtual world has become an important part of people's spiritual life. It stimulates economic development of reality, such as a large number of entertainment application project provides a rich spiritual wealth for people; In the virtual world, on the other hand, money laundering, gambling, network theft etc. Will bring adverse effect to the real economy.
Three, monetary form evolution law research
(a) transaction cost decrease
In monetary history, monetary form is not fixed, different period of monetary form, at the same time the monetary form also varies because of the situation.
1. In physical currency stage, turtle shell, seashells, clam beads, rice millet, farm tools, leather, tooth Angle has been used as a physical currency. However, because the quality is heavy, inconvenient to carry, assaying the inequality, hard to break up, easy to corrupt, and not easy to save, uneven scale, difficult to contrast, with the development of trade in goods, have been forgotten by history.
2. In the stage of metal currency, in order to adapt to the needs of economic development, by iron, copper and other base metals gradually to the gold, silver and other precious metals, national stamp to prove its weight and colour metal currency, the value of its stability, the advantages of easy to split and preservation, metal smelting technology, makes the metal currency. Due to the casting cost is higher, difficult to carry and not easy storage, easy wear faults, the transaction cost is still high.
3. Credit currency stage, for metal by initial convertible currency credit currency, part of the transition to the bretton woods system, gradually developed into the monetary system in Jamaica pure credit currency inconvertibility, under its symbol, is the value of money by national prestige as the guarantee, on behalf of the state of liabilities to the user, but many times due to currency spamming inflation and controversial. Credit currency reduces the storage of precious metals, segmentation, safe transportation cost, saving of metal is used for other efficient manufacturing areas.
Phase 4. Electronic money, it is produced on the basis of the development of computer technology, is the result of financial innovation, is the currency of the future development of the new starting point. Electronic money to reduce the huge sums of money printing, storage, cash handling, counting and destroyed a large number of expenses, its use is not restricted by time, location, service objects, etc, greatly improve the efficiency of the transaction scope and transaction.
5. Virtual currency stage, based on the Internet, is found in the issuer server data file, there is no casting and printing costs, there is no electronic currency card fees and transfer formalities charge, also won't because money transportation, carrying and produce cost. All of the circulation only need to specify the data through the network. This form of currency to adapt to the development of economic globalization, greatly reduce transaction costs.
(2) and the degree of the development of science and technology are closely linked
1. The early Stone Age, farming and animal husbandry is the main way of life, people trading by the individual object ACTS as a universal equivalent, such as jade, pottery clay, and the trading range is narrow, is a supplement for production. Productivity development provides a more physical, a lot of physical equivalent exchange, be badly in need of a divisible, wantonly make money ACTS as a universal equivalent, along with the development of the handmade and metallurgical technology, metal currency become the social form of major currencies.
2. In the creation of electric power, internal combustion engine pulled the second revolution of science and technology, in order to adapt to the requirements of the capitalist productive forces, credit currency produced. At this point, the printing machine manufacturing, chemical technology, ensure the printing, issuance of credit currency, security, etc.
3.20 century, electronic science, the rapid development of computer technology promotes the third revolution of science and technology, economic agents have a higher request for the promptness of medium of exchange, new type of electronic money. The development of network technology makes the world into the era of network business, virtual network economy industry boom created a virtual currency, it at low cost, low risk, virtual sex, fast speed and meet the needs of the economy to the medium of exchange.
(3) the money own law of development
Currency as the simple exchange, its shape change with the trade exchange development, every form of evolution, from the concrete to the abstract, from entity to concept, currency are trying to any kind of use value, as value symbol, send in bills, credit CARDS, electronic terminal equipment. Continuously toward the direction of socialization and virtualization. Historically, commodity currencies as physical currency, metal currency in two forms, this dual functions both commodity and currency, as the value of money and as a commodity of equal value. Limited by barter trade development, the production relationship is no longer meet the development of productive forces, then transition to the currency credit. Guarantee, credit currency has certain sovereign currency issued by the forced circulation is also relying on the national credit, credit guarantee for national mandatory issue currency to realize the development of the concrete to the abstract, from the concrete items to abstract symbols, achieved a leap in the development of currency. Currency by paper forms into the electronic era, pure symbols into a series of digits. This kind of electronic money is a kind of replace the paper money with electronic pulse transmission and storage of currency, it makes different trade, investment and financing, and other relevant transaction into digital form of electronic data interchange, currency towards paperless began, realized the second leap. The development of network society create prosperity of virtual network environment and rich virtual network products, resulting in a trading network society of the virtual currency, the currency is a data file is stored in the web server, rely on the Internet. Its currency form further virtualization.
Four, conclusion
The emergence of virtual currency is not an accident, it is part of the monetary evolutionary history, is the crystallization of digital technology revolution. Review monetary history, any form of monetary development from birth to mature, go through questions and rejection. It also like the traditional currency, is not natural perfection, in the process of development are also constantly improve, in order to more adapt to productivity and for its services. Web-based virtual currency is subject to credit constraints in the limited scope of application, however, innovative virtual currency is in regional, national, cultural, credit constraints, such as used in the international scope. There is no doubt that virtual currency representing the future development direction of the currency. Virtual currency will also have more perfect solution for sovereign currency.